Tal vez nunca te hayas planteado entrenar con bandas elásticas o de resistencia. Tanto si vas al gimnasio como si entrenas en casa, las bandas te aportarán un plus en los entrenamientos ayudándote a mejorar tu tono y resistencia muscular. Las bandas puedes adquirirlas en Ryher en packs de varias unidades con diferentes resistencias cada una: light, medium, hard, […]

Stretch before any workout

Stretch before training – why you should stretch the muscle groups you want to work out Remember, before any physical effort you must warm up and then stretch muscle groups that you are going to work on. That way you will achieve more performance and avoid injuries. When we decide to go to the gym […]

Resistance tubes training: If you want to do resistance tube routines to strengthen your muscles, there are some things to consider: Resistance tubes or elastic bands are very practical and versatile accessories for doing strength exercises, they are excellent substitutes for weights. They also do not damage the floor in the house, anyone can use […]

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